ЖУК (Zhuck)
Digital service for russian entrepreneurs

I was part of the collaboration between with ELSE, Daljit Singh, Michael Wolff and NB Studio for the inception and creation of a new Russian banking service aimed at entrepreneurs and small business owners. Developed for a leading Russian bank, Zhuck focuses on three main areas; profit & loss, invoices & payments and partners, to provide a realtime health check on their business.

Working directly between ELSE’s UK office and the Russian banking office in Yekaterinburg, I lead the user experience design and implementation throughout the project’s MVP launch timeframe. I was responsible for design principles and insights based on the user research conducted in Russia, and the daily design of features, interactions, user-flows, and overall digital product experience.

This project was a D&AD 2015 Award Winner for Branding/Digital Brand Expression

Created at: ELSE
Role: Experience Design Lead