Design Technologist with more than twenty years of experience creating future concepts, installations, websites and prototypes.

About me

Since 2003 I have been using code to create immersive digital experiences. I’ve designed new digital products and services, founded Greyspace a design-futures consultancy, prototyped 24-hour immersive future experiences, made a synthesiser out of cheese, and taught people to prototype anything. I’ve spoken internationally at events on future-facing topics, design thinking and championed approaching research, design and prototyping through creative practices like rapid prototyping, immersive experience prototyping, improvisation, physical prototyping, creative coding and world-building.

I love getting technical, so UX/Interaction Designer, Creative Technologist, Web Developer, and Creative Coder are all roles I’ve held in the past and enjoy. I have a design background but use code mostly because I’m passionate about how new products and services feel, over time. I learned to code at the same time I learned to design, because they are two parts of the same process.


I’ve worked with some amazing designers and teams over the years including: Bompas & Parr, DDB Health, DesignStudio, dn&co, ELSE, Fabrica, Fjord, Imagination, TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Moving Brands, The Division.


I’ve worked across industries building experiences for clients including: Alfa Romeo, Alzheimer’s Research Trust, Apple, Benetton, Bluebird, Clairol, Coca-Cola, Escada, Fiat, Head & Shoulders, Hermès, Honda, Hewlett Packard, KPMG, Lacoste, LG Electronics, Maserati, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, Paramount, Philips Healthcare, Range Rover, SwissLife, The World Economic Forum, Universal, Vauxhall, Warner Bros, Wikimedia Foundation.

Favourite Tools

HTML/CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, Astro, Netlify, Arduino, PHP, Figma, Sketch, Pen & Paper, Bodystorming, openFrameworks, Processing