SMS based speculative service prototype

grid of photographs of people walking around the streets of London

A site-specific walking tour that demonstrates the day-to-day experiences of citizens within a fictional service to organise and co-inhabit private space. This project questioned the temporary use of public and private space, immersing participants in a parallel reality. The border between fiction and reality is blurred through real-time participation and performance using SMS technology. Direct interaction with local shopkeepers and public servants creates an immersive first-hand experience of the Locality service.

The reality of modern citizenship is temporary social behaviour, nomadic preferences and the co-habition of private and public space. In response to this trend, Locality was created as a fictional, state-run service that facilities the continual movement of personal, domestic and commercial belongings. Beneath the promise of absolute freedom comes real-time tracking and movement intervention of citizen location and destination.

Created with: Debbie Ding and Ekaterina Demina