I am a London-based designer with over ten years of experience in the creation of interactive experiences, services and tools. My design approach combines speculative-design, experience-prototyping, people-centered-design and experiential-futures. 

I investigate ways to perceive and reflect on the invisible world around us with a focus on the digitisation of identity, self-perception and the perceptions of others. These research projects can be commissioned or self-initiated and involve close collaboration with artists, performers, scientists, researchers, designers, policy-makers, and the general public – who ultimately experience the worlds we design. 

I’m proud to be a graduate of both Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design (CIID) and MA Design Interactions, Royal College of Art. In addition to my commercial and artistic work, I am a visiting lecturer and interaction design tutor at the University of Hertfordshire, Graphic Design Department, and visiting faculty at CIID.

Over the past decade my work has been awarded, and shown internationally in publications and events including 4S/EASST, CIID, Royal College of Art, Laboratory Spokane, LS:N Global, MAS Context, The New School for Social Research, Science Museum London, The Southbank Centre, ThisHappened, and xCoAx.

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Selected Clients

Alpha Romeo
LG Electronics
Philips Healthcare
Range Rover
Southbank Centre
Warner Bros