Site-specific installations, improvisation and guided walks for research, museums and public institutions

A greyscale icon of a face with a tree-diagram coming out from behind


2 Hour digitally guided museum installation

A logo of a white crown inside a white circle on a bright orange background

Design Museum / IKEA

A 24-hour experience prototype for a government service that relocates you everyday

A photo of someones hand holding a transparent card with a microchip stuck to their wrist

Philips Healthcare

Imagining healthcare in 2050 for people suffering from chronic immobility

Two women with headphones on walking through London looking at a video playing on their phones that gives them directions

Southbank Centre

Immersive ‘Memory Walks‘ for the Changing Minds festival at Southbank

A cropped photo of a man and woman looking at their phones in front of a pile of black boxes with a white sticker on


SMS based speculative service prototype

A rendering of a person holding a tablet in front of a QR code and watching a 3d car driving over a virtual environment

Range Rover

Concept and interaction design for an AR installation ‘Terrain Responder’