LG Electronics

Future concepts for an AI + Social TV experience

Scan of a presentation slide with details about a design

I worked with The Division to develop smart TV concepts and future visions for LG. The client wanted demonstrations of ways that shared information, personalised content, AI recommendations and social information could be used to improve the TV watching experience.

I joined the project team after initial research had been carried out, to provide future concept development as well as leading the development of high-fidelity interactive prototypes that excited the client and provided original thinking that could inform future product experience design. I used a combination of After Effects and Flash/Actionscript to create a fully interactice 5 minute experience for 3 concepts. I then used screenshots of these prototypes to produce written documentation that could be translated and shared internally.

Scan of a presentation slide with details about a design
As well as immersive future concept prototypes, I created thorough storybooks and documentation of each concept that could be printed, translated and shared within the client organisation.