User-experience design for new and existing web, mobile, and digital services

bonsai tree and a mobile phone with an app next to it


Digital-physical fragrance prototyping for Shiseido

A 3d visualisation of a futuristic car dashboard, with no buttons, everything is a screen

The Division

Future automotive interface concept for social driving

An iMac with a website open, showing a photograph of an island and heading that says El Colo Ibiza

El Colo Ibiza

Design and development of a luxury service based in Ibiza

A mobile screen with an illustrated character standing still tapping his feet

Zhuck (ЖУК)

A smart-ass Russian banking service aimed at entrepreneurs

Looking over the shoulder of someone holding a tablet in a street, on the screen are some triangles clustered together

Moment Obscura

Visualising a moment in space and time using colour and sound

A child staring at a colourful projection on a white wall


Interactive design lab for children affected by ASC and PLD

A rendering of a person holding a tablet in front of a QR code and watching a 3d car driving over a virtual environment

Range Rover

Concept and interaction design for an AR installation ‘Terrain Responder’

A thumbnail of a smart tv interface, with weather, contacts, live feed areas

LG Electronics

Future concepts for an AI + Social TV experience

A rooftop image with a car at the bottom and a grid of petrol pumps arranged to look like space invaders

Alpha Romeo

Space invaders installation and projection mapping